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Behold! The Hooked Planner!

Oh, you guys! I’m SOOO excited about this!

I am a planner addict. I love to keep myself organized, I love color coding, lists, check boxes…I just love it all!

So it’s no wonder that part of my planner has always been a few Excel spreadsheets and forms dedicated to tracking my crochet work.

I love to keep track of how many projects I have done in a year so that I can look back and see how much I have accomplished.

A while back, I discovered I also needed to start an inventory of my yarn. I had outgrown my craft room shelves and started keeping the “set aside” yarn in tubs in my basement. And then whenever I needed something, I needed a list of what was in each tub and how many I had. By making Stash tracking sheets, I discovered I could choose my yarn for a new project without having to dig through tubs or shelves.

printable crochet planner, the Hooked Planner |Hooked by Kati

Well, I finally put it all together in the printable Hooked Planner.

Wanna see the WHOLE thing before you buy? Absolutely! I partially filled out several pages so you can see how they are used and made a video for you! This is my Hooked Planner after I trimmed it down and disk bound it with my Happy Planner disks.

You can download the whole printable .pdf file plus a page of Printing Instructions for only $10.00! That’s about $.60 per double-sided page! And you can print as many copies of each page as you like!

If you prefer Etsy, you can also get it here.

My planner is very full of Project Forms and Stash pages, as well as “The Queue” pages to let me see my progress.

printable crochet planner, the Hooked Planner |Hooked by Kati

What do you get?

  • Full-color cover and inside pages to separate Reference Guide from the rest of the planner.
  • Yarn Stash inventory by Color with spaces for sample cuttings
  • Yarn Stash inventory by Weight sheet with spaces for sample cuttings
  • Hooks/Needles inventory sheet
  • Project Forms (track purpose, hooks/needles used, yarn used, pattern used, measurements and notes)
  • The Queue forms, where you can track all the projects you complete and rejoice as you finish them!
  • Time Tracker table, so you know how much time you put into a specific project (Great for determining pricing!)
  • Custom Order sheets, tracking the order, the recipient, price, and delivery info.
  • Donations table, so you know how many items you have donated in a given year
  • Gift Planning table (with budget) and Gifts Given table
  • Note sheets for Pattern Bucket List and Yarn Wish List
  • Graph Paper and blank Doodle pages

I scoured the internet on your behalf and pulled what I think are the best aspects of every crochet journal, knitting planner, and inventory guide I could find. The Hooked Planner is a PRINTABLE .pdf, able to be scaled down and printed to fit any planner (even the Classic Happy Planner, my personal favorite!). You can print and bind your own planner any way you like!

A video is included on the Printing Instructions on how to scale your planner in Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can get it for FREE here.

printable crochet planner, the Hooked Planner |Hooked by Kati

My Favorite Pages

There are Stash pages for those who like to organized by color (me) and by weight of yarn. I added small places on each entry to put a cutting sample of the yarn so I knew what I was getting out before I went elbow-deep into a plastic tub.

The Project Forms include EVERYTHING I could think of for the projects I am always doing, not just what hook I was using and how much yarn it took, but also how much I liked the yarn and the pattern, where I could find the pattern again, and any notes I had made during the process.

I made this Hooked Planner with the intention that it be all you need to keep your crochet/knitting work organized. Including the basics for those who run a crochet business as well.

Watch out! I will be adding Expansion Packs specific to crochet businesses, designers, etc. in the near future. Make sure you are signed up for the Newsletter for news and special offers!

Included in the Hooked Planner is a 6-page Reference Guide.

printable crochet planner, the Hooked Planner |Hooked by Kati

The reference guide consists of:

  • Crochet abbreviations (including US and UK terms, Tunisian crochet, and common chart symbols)
  • Knitting abbreviations
  • Common size charts for blankets, hats, and socks
  • Yarn weight chart with hook suggestions

Instructions are included as well as a video on how to print in Adobe Acrobat Reader to scale down your pages to Happy Planner size or pre-cut paper sizes.

This project has taken me months of research, hours of time putting it all in the perfect layout, and lots and lots of coffee.

I really hope you love yours as much as I love mine. It is keeping me sane as my business grows and the projects pile up. Enjoy!

Yarn on,


printable crochet planner, the Hooked Planner |Hooked by Kati
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