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Why I Design and Why I Blog About It

When I introduce myself as a Crochet Designer, I am usually met with, “Wow. How did you get into that?”

I usually reply, “I used to pray that I would someday become a published author. I just wasn’t specific about what I wanted to publish, so God gave me yarn.”

The designing part came naturally. I made stuffed toys for my sons that they loved and that I loved to make, usually based on book or cartoon characters.

I had dabbled in freelancing as a writer in college with very little success, but I knew the basics of submission calls, so I started sending out patterns to magazines.

The Dragonling was first published in Happily Hooked Magazine in 2015, and Oscar the Octopus followed that same year in Crochet! Magazine.

baby dragon crochet kit | Hooked by Kati

Suddenly, I was a published author.

I joined craft fairs, art expos, and I now write freelance patterns full time. I am determined to be a career artist. For three years, my learning curve has been straight up.

So many craft business fail because of burnout. As the saying goes, “Once you get paid to do what you love, you no longer love it.”  I LOVE yarn, and I was not going to let my crochet addiction fade away because it was now my job. I have had to get creative with my methods to keep this “work” from being a four letter word.

In order to stay excited about my yarny life, I started writing about it and looking for new ways to incorporate crochet and crafts into my life every day.

The blog was a way to keep it all organized.

I stocked it up with patterns so that I could find them easily, and I journaled about my lessons as an artist, designer, and business owner.

I do what I love for a job. I want others to have that too.

Hooked by Kati - About Me

So here I am, blogging my heart out and sharing all my ups and downs so that you can see what works and what doesn’t. I’m sharing both my love for all things yarn-related and my love for this business.

We all deserve to do something we love — but getting there requires perspective and mentoring, hopefully both of which I can provide.

I am a recurring contributor in Crochet! Magazine, Crochet World, Happily Hooked and the Pattern Pack Pro, I Like Crochet, Annie’s special issues, Simply Crochet, and Interweave Crochet. Watch for me on shelves at your local craft store, and follow the blog for first looks at new issues!

I live in Greeley, Colorado with her husband and two sons. I believe in the powers of God, laughter, coffee, and the Oxford Comma.

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